Spirituality: Attempting to see the other as you

Spiritual experience is a human experience. Religious or spiritual paths maybe the means for spiritual experience but it does not belong to any one of them in particular.

The question is who is experiencing. I would use this analogy. Let’s say a Christian, Hindu and Muslim are tasting some sugar right after their prayers. I’m sure each one would have tasted sweetness in his tongue. The tongue simply tasted the sweetness. It wasn’t Christian-sweetness for the Christian, it wasn’t Hindu-sweetness for the Hindu, and you get what I mean.

Similarly spiritual experience is ‘tasted’ by a human’s mind and ‘heart’. My argument is that it is the same for all humans in different spiritual paths. It’s the same sweetness. I wish everyone would come to understand this and unite as simple human beings without egos attached.

I think I’ve to emphasize this point since individuals of each religion or spiritual path believe that their experience is the truest and the most special one. A pious Christian may have had magnificent and awe-inspiring experience of Jesus in his life. Another Christian may have had similar experience but in his case it was the Sai Baba since he had been an ardent devotee of Sai. Individuals of other spiritual paths experience the same with their respective Gods, Prophets and Gurus. It is not unique to any one of their religious or spiritual paths or scriptures. Again, who is tasting it? Human. It is a human experience.

Religions have infused the world with literature, arts, music, culture, tradition and even fashion. They’ve made the lives of communities around the world colourful and cheerful. Many times they’ve also turned the world into darkness where thousands were butchered in the name of God and religion. Well, let’s leave the past where it belongs. I’ve nothing against religions. I just don’t believe the Gods in religions. I believe God and Creation inseparable, I mean, God is the fabric holding everything together like patterns in weaved cloth.

So, let’s get back to spirituality. The basic objective of a spiritual path is to melt away ones ego and get him to see the others as his own self and see himself as part of everything. I wish people will try not to see the others as Christian people or Muslim people. I wish we would unite as just some nice people.

Namaste 🙂


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