Deforestation, commodities and the lives of South East Asians

The titles above seem to portray the concerns of Europe and the West over deforestation in Asia or specifically South East Asia. The focus is palm oil, the major crop and commodity of Malaysia and Indonesia that contributes a significant portion to their respective GDP.

I wonder if the parties against deforestation always had better solutions for eradicating poverty and improving living standard and lifestyle of the people in these palm oil producing countries. A primary responsibility of a government is creating jobs and providing means for earning a living for its citizens by utilizing available resources. If the resources are natural, then there is no escape, damage is certain.

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Spirituality: Attempting to see the other as you

Spiritual experience is a human experience. Religious or spiritual paths maybe the means for spiritual experience but it does not belong to any one of them in particular.

The question is who is experiencing. I would use this analogy. Let’s say a Christian, Hindu and Muslim are tasting some sugar right after their prayers. I’m sure each one would have tasted sweetness in his tongue. The tongue simply tasted the sweetness. It wasn’t Christian-sweetness for the Christian, it wasn’t Hindu-sweetness for the Hindu, and you get what I mean.

Similarly spiritual experience is ‘tasted’ by a human’s mind and ‘heart’. My argument is that it is the same for all humans in different spiritual paths. It’s the same sweetness. I wish everyone would come to understand this and unite as simple human beings without egos attached.

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