I Wish : A Democratic Setup

Democracy that is used to form governments has not been working. That’s because the governments formed through democratic process don’t seem to really serve the people for whom they were setup. And that’s because the politicians who were voted to form the governments only have the time to serve themselves, their kin and the political party they belong. It hasn’t been difficult to observe a serious element that corrupts and deviates individuals in politics from the objectives of democratic government. I found this element to be the political parties. I wish for the demise of political parties.

It could be a single party system (China) , two-party system (USA) or countless party system (India), the politicians always serve the written or hidden agenda of a political party. There is little time for the people of the nation. When politicians are pooled into parties, it becomes easy for corporations and businessmen with money to corrupt a politician or the whole party. A few corrupt politicians could make the party a safe house for the other corrupted ones. So the politicians whom we hope would do the best for the people, more often make decisions that are aligned along their politics or the business interest of their financier.

Again, political parties must go and with that the ego of stately governments with borders must go too. Why? Just look at how cities and local governments collaborate to solve problems and create solutions by placing interest of the people first. So, I wish for a political setup as follows.

  1. There shouldn’t be any political parties. There should be NGOs and social organizations of various interests and objectives. Political parties must be made illegal and must be converted into NGOs.
  2. NGOs and social organizations must be encouraged to be active and become the voice and power of the people.
  3. Democratic election process must be organized by a credible and impartial election commission.
  4. Local and national election candidates must be chosen by the local people with the help of NGOs, social organizations and local governments or city councils. They may come from an NGO e.g.
  5. The prerequisite for the point above is a local government/city council elected into position by the local community.
  6. During the election, the election commission must standardize the campaigning activity so that it’s fare for all election candidates with or without lots of money. Candidates must not be allowed to carry out their own election rally with the exception of direct meet the people sessions.
  7. In every electoral constituency, the election commission must plan, schedule and organize election campaigns locally. These must accommodate all candidates to present themselves equally. All these campaigning activities must be modest and must be funded by the election commission. This is particularly important to avoid a candidate from being bought over by parties with private interest. This will also avoid capable candidates with great minds from being sidelined due to lack of funds.
  8. There won’t be a collision of parties in these elections but collision of minds with the greatest ideas and vision. The candidates will stand in as representatives of the people and for the interest of the people. No parties here, and individual merit and charisma will prevail.
  9. The judicial council of the nation must vet and select candidates for the top post of the nation among the candidates who won the election at the national level. The chosen candidates must be given the chance to select a candidate for the post of their deputy.
  10. An election campaign must be funded and organized by the election commission for the people to choose their top two leaders. Again the candidate with the best leadership qualities and vision will prevail, not money.
  11. The elected top national leader and his deputy will then form their cabinet with the help of national judicial council.
  12. The parliament will not have an opposition. All representatives of national and local governments will work for the nation and the people. The focus of the debates and discussions will be based on plans for the nation and wellbeing of the people. An opposition is usually a wasted representation although chosen by the people.
  13. A strong representation of NGOs and social organizations must be present in the parliament. As the need arises, presence of a particular social or industry group or even an individual must be allowed in the parliament to be heard.
  14. The core of democracy is not an election, but the voice of people and distribution of information. The voice of the people in this era in a country is the national media. So, the prerequisite of all the above is a professional and impartial national media. Note that political parties directly or not could own the media.
  15. An election should come as a result of the practice of democracy. It is simply a renewal process.

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